Feroz Khan Shares Adorable Photo with Second Wife, Disables Comments

Renowned actor Feroz Khan has taken to social media to share a heartwarming picture with his second wife, captioned simply, “mine.” The photo, which captures a tender moment between the couple, has quickly garnered significant attention online. Notably, Khan has disabled comments on the post, indicating a desire for privacy during this new chapter in his life.

Khan’s recent marriage marks his second, following a highly publicized divorce from his first wife, Alizey. The couple’s split was marred by serious allegations of domestic abuse, which brought intense scrutiny and controversy. Despite the turbulent end to his first marriage, Khan seems to be embracing a fresh start with his new spouse.

Fans and followers are left to admire the couple’s picture in silence, respecting Khan’s decision to turn off the comment section. This move suggests that Khan is keen to avoid the public commentary and potential backlash that might arise given the circumstances of his past relationship.

As Feroz Khan steps into this new phase of his personal life, the industry and his fans watch closely, hoping for a happier and more peaceful future for the star.

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