Desperate Pakistani Man Offers Organs for Sale to Pay Skyrocketing Electricity Bill

Amidst the ever-increasing power tariffs in Pakistan, citizens are grappling with the exorbitant cost of electricity. In Jaranwala, Punjab, a differently-abled man has taken a desperate and heartbreaking step by offering his organs for sale just to keep his electricity on.

In a viral video that circulated widely on social media on Wednesday, a villager named Yaseen shared his plight. “I have been living a life of disability for five years in Jaranwala. How can I pay this bill?” Yaseen asked, visibly distressed. He made a poignant appeal to the government, saying, “Take my eyes and pay my electricity bill.” Yaseen implored the authorities to fulfill their promise of providing free electricity to needy and impoverished families. His emotional plea has struck a chord with many, garnering widespread attention and sympathy on social media.

The dire situation faced by Yaseen underscores a broader crisis as the federal government continues to raise power tariffs on a monthly basis, leaving many citizens struggling to keep up with the rising costs. The increase in electricity tariffs has made it increasingly difficult for people, especially those with limited income or disabilities, to manage their household expenses.

In a recent development, the federal cabinet has moved forward with implementing a major condition set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which involves increasing the electricity tariff. This decision is part of a broader set of economic measures aimed at securing financial assistance from the IMF.

Sources revealed that the federal cabinet has approved an increase in the basic electricity tariff through a circulated summary. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) had recommended this increase, proposing an average rise of Rs5.72 per unit.

According to government sources, the federal cabinet’s decision will be sent to Nepra for the approval of a uniform tariff. Once Nepra gives its approval, the federal government will issue an official notification to implement the tariff hike.

Under the IMF conditions, the federal government is required to raise the basic electricity tariff by July 10. As per Nepra’s decision, this hike will impose an additional burden of approximately Rs600 billion on electricity consumers. This significant increase is expected to further strain the finances of households and businesses across the country.

These developments highlight the severe economic pressures faced by Pakistani citizens, prompting extreme measures such as Yaseen’s desperate plea. The situation calls for urgent attention and action from the authorities to address the challenges faced by the most vulnerable segments of society. As the government moves forward with economic reforms, it is crucial to ensure that measures are in place to protect those who are already struggling to make ends meet.

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