Ayesha shoaib Malik -A couture house who has entered with a Bang!

bridal collection

When settling on a name for her debut bridal collection our creative head Ayesha Sohaib Malik wanted a name that could be synonymous with the desires of every bride. The Akoya pearl is known for its perfection in shape and incredible shine, thus making it the most sought after choice for women when acquiring their first strand of pearls. With her debut bridal collection “Akoya” Ayesha Sohaib Malik wishes every bride to be like the Akoya pearl on her big day – flawless and gleaming.

Akoya” features global star icon Nargis Fakhri. Reminiscing the Akoya pearl, Nargis is the epitome of perfection and shines bright wherever she resides – making her our quintessential muse. She exudes elegance and charm that is unparalleled as she features in our top three favorite designs from our bridal collection. Whether it was the earthy tones, the fiery reds, or the soft pastels this ‘angel’ ensured that she made every head turn in any room that she entered.

bridal collection

From subtle hues to classic reds “Akoya” is a specially curated collection that celebrates today’s modern bride who still treasures the taste of traditional craftsmanship. It caters to every bride who wishes to divulge in the art of exquisite handwork, appreciates impeccable embroidery, and knows how to get lost in a sea of crystals.


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