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Asgharali: Scent of Success

Asgharali: Scent of Success

Asgharali has been the source for fine perfumery and today is aiming to be a globally competitive company when it comes to the perfumery market and is continuously expanding to other related business interests.

The late Asghar Ali founded the Asgharali Group being a mere trader and with dynamic leadership and business values that were inherited by succeeding generations of its leaders.

In 1924, Asgharali initiated a simple store that has become the foundation of more than 100 owned stores and franchise outlets worldwide. It also has distributors worldwide in regions from Eastern Europe to South America. Asgharali captured the senses of its consumers around the world because the products produced were proven to be value for money. Keeping the promise to continue to hit the market with their novelty products and ensure to supply the demand of increasing customers.

The fragrance forming the eastern mystique like Dehn al Oudh, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Saffron which are presented to customers in numerous forms are among the popular choices.

The company have a state-of-the-art facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain, researching the best techniques in extracting natural, and pure fragrant oils to produce high quality products such as:

  • Perfume Sprays – sensational Arabic and Western sprays bottled elegantly as jewels will surely fit everyone’s personality.
  • Fragrant oils – Traditional and aromatic Arabic Oils and Western Oils made from pure natural ingredients.
  • Skin Series and Toiletries – Flavorful fragrances comes in solid perfumes and their new modern skin series of lotion that spreads with softness.
  • Oudh – an exceptional certain woodchip of Agarwood, reacts by producing a precious, dark and fragrant resin, making it a perfume ingredient very known as agarwood.
  •  Bakhoor, Burners, and Charcoals– These Asgharali accessories collections have super delicious scents that can come in different ways such as decorated Mubkhars or burners, candles that are perfect for gifts or own home, charcoal for less smoke, long-burning, and slowly releasing the fragrance for burning traditional incense.
  • Gift sets – Share the great pleasure of Asgharali products by giving these assorted gift sets to others.

Pakistan and the Gulf countries in general, opens a bigger market for Asgharali to expand the passion for Fragrances with customers that are as passionate as we are towards our products.

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Globalization opens several opportunities for Asgharali to aim expanding internationally and in light to the current situation, an added feature of ordering online and delivering at your convenience just by simply downloading the Asgharali app or ordering through the website. For more information follow us on Instagram or facebook @asgharalico.

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