Ali Zafar’s New Music Video Sparks Internet Debate

Ali Zafar has released his latest song, “Yaar Di Akh,” which quickly amassed 1.8 million views, but it also ignited a heated discussion online. The video features the captivating model Aneesa Sheikh, whose presence perfectly matches the song’s spirit. Written and composed by the talented Hassan Badshah, “Yaar Di Akh” showcases Ali Zafar’s artistic vision.

However, the music video soon became controversial. Some viewers criticized the portrayal of gender roles and the wardrobe choices. One viewer pointed out the perceived objectification of women, noting the contrast between the revealing outfit worn by the female model in a beach setting and Ali Zafar’s trench coat. They questioned whether the woman was being reduced to a sex symbol while the male singer remained fully clothed.

The viewer commented, “I love Ali, but honestly, it’s stupid that the girl is wearing something revealing in the cold to be sexualized while he is standing there comfortably in his trench coat. Why does the aesthetic only matter with the girl?”

In response, Ali Zafar addressed the concerns, explaining that the model and he were filmed on different beaches in different continents, with varying weather conditions. Ali explained, “These are two different beaches on two different continents, captured at different moments in time. I was in Sydney, while Aneesa Sheikh was in Los Angeles. This video is meant to reflect the beauty of connection across distances where each of us wore what we felt. I value your comment but I say let’s cultivate a world where we celebrate individuality and refrain from judging others, especially women, for their choices in self-expression. In diversity, we find unity. Love and peace.”

Another viewer questioned, “Why are you wearing a trench coat on a beach?” to which Ali humorously replied, “It was cold :).”

Despite Ali Zafar’s explanation, the debate continues among viewers and followers.

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